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IMS is a proud member of New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVi)

We are committed to supporting transport operators in both countries to: 

  • Introduce automated vehicle trials

  • Establish relevant safety standards

  • Raise community awareness, understanding and acceptance of driverless vehicles. 

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Automated vehicles - sometimes known as automated vehicles, Connected Automated Vehicles, or 'driverless cars' - are the wave of the future. They will fundamentally change transport and society by reducing congestion and improving road safety, mobility and freight productivity. But current laws do not support their use on public roads and trial approvals are needed from local transport authorities. IMS has extensive experience in assisting transport operators to gain this approval. 

We help ensure you comply and get approval every step along the way. We specialise in preparing:

  1. Concept of operations

  2. Route risk assessment/ project hazard logs

  3. Safety management plan

  4. Vehicle test plan 

AV Consulting: Services
Reviewing CVs


IMS understands the needs of the local transport authorities and their requirements. We assist transport operators to wade through the documentation, prepare your application and successfully obtain the necessary approval for trials within your project delivery timelines.

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Our risk assessment and operation consulting services help you to analyse the operation activities and local environment. We recommend relevant operational controls and establish the relevant management system to support your operation.

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